All-Weather Investing

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All-Weather Investing

Keller Partners is a US West Coast research firm that develops and manages quantitative investment management systems.  We believe that intelligently-designed, disciplined methodologies will produce superior investment results for two reasons: (1)  they eliminate “behavioral drag” — the emotions of human managers who often bring counterproductive instincts to the special challenges of money management; and (2) our approaches simply “follow the money,” rather than using fundamental analysis or economic forecasts to structure portfolios.

We ask the market where it wants to go rather than telling the market what to do.

The KP Market Trend Model has been effective at controlling portfolio drawdown and, typically, at improving long-term returns as well. Our trend-analysis process can add significant value when engaged to manage higher-risk asset classes such as the Nasdaq 100 Index (the NDX).  The end game is all about improving the client’s Sharpe Ratio — the relationship between return and risk.

The current “color” of the KP Market Trend Model is always presented prominently on our home page, as well as in the first chart of the Multi-Media Bar section toward the bottom.

Our weekly commentaries are posted under the menu tab labeled “Updates & Commentary” (top menu), and, finally, PDF versions of many of our charts may be downloaded from the “Chart Library” tab, also above.

Updates are generally posted to this site weekly.

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