Keller Partners Chart Library

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The KP Equity Trend Model

KP Model: Current Status

Our two momentum components interact synergistically to reduce drawdown and improve long-term returns.

KP Model: Historical Chart 1998–2006

                 Same Model parameters manage equity exposure capably during the volatile 1999–2005 period.

Index Risk Management Illustrations

Risk-Managing the S&P 500 Index

Applying the Model’s equity exposure signals to a hypothetical investment in the S&P 500 Total Return Index

Risk-Managing the Nasdaq 100 (NDX) Index

The Model’s “risk-on / risk-off” signals applied to a riskier, more volatile asset such as the NDX

MPT Analysis of the Risk-Managed Nasdaq 100 (NDX) Index Portfolio

Monthly return pattern of a risk-managed NDX portfolio, with MPT metrics.

Retirement Portfolio Strategy Illustrations

Applying the KP Model to Growth Fund of America (American Funds) for 18 Years

Straightforward application of our market risk management process to a widely-owned growth fund.

Tactical Exposure Tools

Enhanced CCI [price-based] mean-reversion analysis for the NDX

Our modification of Donald Lambert’s innovative CCI algorithms generates valuable tactical signals.

Short-Term Mean-Reversion Oscillator

This proprietary short-term oscillator is generated from internal market data

Short-Term Exposure Guide (KP-2)

Modifying exposure in response to Short-Term Trend Fluctuations