Trend Model Positive

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Trend Model Positive

The Models: The KP Trend Model remains GREEN, 100% committed to long equities.

Comments: In the context of what continues to be surprisingly robust underlying momentum, short-term oscillator studies pulled back from recent overbought conditions, but just to their neutral zones. Noticeable Sector rotation also continues, with the Russell 2000 small cap index (RUT) having a banner week, joined by the financials, while some of the ‘majors’ rested.

With the KP Intermediate-Term component of the Trend Model further pulling away to the upside from its neutral trigger line after a brief interlude below, both components of the Model are now strengthening. The short-term oscillator studies may be indicating another launch from their current neutral positions lies just ahead, leading to another visit to their upper boundaries, and thereby substantiate the underlying momentum.

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